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What Solutions Catalog For

Collect useful information for you, gained by your own experience


How did you solve a specific problem. It is the answer to the question you asked.


A piece of useful information for you. It could be what ever you want: links, contacts, e.t.

Code snippets

Reuse your code!


A valuable idea can become a new reality. Save it!


Specifications, tutorials, manuals, HOWTO


Modern approach to the study of subjects

The solutions catalog — is a way of working with the information, which you touch every day.

What you get?

As you fill, your knowledge base will help you more and more.

You will greatly accelerate the solution of problems that have already been encountered.

There will be less errors, because in your catalog it is your specificity. Applied to your tasks.

From scientific ponint of view it is achived by overcoming the forgetting curve. You always remember things in general and knowledge base remeber all details and individual particularities.


  • Text editor with syntax highlighting
  • Access mode: private or public
  • Instant search
  • Access to data from everyvere
  • Opportunity to share
  • History of changes
  • Ability to attach files and images
  • Markdown for text markup
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